Ten Signs a Spouse is Having an Online Affair

Ace private investigator Bill Mitchell of South Carolina has published a guide to catch a spouse who is having an online affair.

In “One Clues of an Online Affair- Catch a Cheating Spouse!”, Mitchell suggests that these are 10 telltale signs of marital infidelity online:

1. Your spouse or partner spends excessive time surfing the Internet.

2. Passwords, instant message “buddy lists,” Internet email accounts and emails are concealed or even protected from you.

3. Your partner abruptly shuts off the Internet and/or computer when you approach.

4. The computer and monitor are always positioned to avoid your scrutiny.

5. The Internet history is cleared every day, including chat sessions, instant messaging, or your spouse downloads software that automatically overrides this information.

6. Your spouse uses the computer after you go to bed, when you fall asleep, or in the middle of the night.

7. Your spouse exhibits a compulsive need to be online and seems defensive when confronted to stop.

8. Your spouse shares personal information, photos and events with strangers online.

9. He or she plays online games and frequents “personals” chat rooms.

10. Your spouse exhibits the eight warning signs described in The More You know – Getting the Evidence and Support You Need to Investigate a Troubled Relationship.

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