Seven Sets of Documents for Divorce

Here are the most important seven categories of documents required for a divorce:

Income documents. This includes pay stubs and tax returns, with all supporting documents and schedules.
Bank records. This means, at the least, the most recent statement for each account, and if possible all statements going back to the date of marriage.

Retirement and other investment records. This means all pension statements for both spouses dating back to the time of marriage. Also, the last statement prior to marriage can be very significant (especially in community property states) to show the pre-marriage balance.

Credit card statements. The most recent statements are necessary, but a lot of important evidence can be garnered from the historical statements.

Real estate documents. The most important real estate documents are the Deed of Trust and Warranty Deed for any property currently own.

Mortgage statements & any other debts. Recent statements showing the current payoff balance for any other debts are important.

Relevant emails or other correspondence. Correspondence or emails can be extremely helpful pieces of evidence in the case.

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