Getting a Copy of Your Divorce Certificate

Getting a divorce certificate is not difficult, but it does require patience.

Here is a break down of the process:

- Your divorce certificate can be retrieved from the County Court in which you were divorced. There is typically a record department within the family law or domestic relations division.

- If they do not have record of the divorce, there is a possibility that the divorce was pushed to a surrounding county court due to case overload at the time. (this means that you can also check surrounding counties)

- Please keep in mind, that most court houses charge a search fee if you do not know the case number. Your success will be much greater if you do know the case number and the turn around time will be much faster.

- Once the case is found, it takes about anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks by mail or can be retrieved in person that same day.

To find out the exact turn around time and cost per copy, you can call the county court house. Also keep in mind, some counties charge more for a certified copy of your certificate and/or final divorce decree or judgment.

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