A Few Reasons Why Most Divorces Are Initiated By Women

Here are reasons woman initiate divorces:

Relief From a Bad Marriage: A woman’s happiness is no longer tied to whether or not she is married. There was a time when, to be happy a woman though she had to be married. Such a mindset led women to believe they were “stuck” in a marriage that had gone bad.

Escape Domestic Abuse: Women are less likely to stay in an abusive marriage today. At one time a woman had no choice but to stay.

Fewer Women are Financially Dependent on a Husband: Women are more likely to have their own career. Even stay at home moms have college decrees and marketable skills.

Women are Less Tolerant of Infidelity: Due to her financial security and her ability to identify what makes her happy, women’s expectations of their husband are higher. One of those expectations is fidelity and today, fewer women are willing to accept infidelity.

Women Want More Out of Marriage: A generation ago, women wanted to be supported, to become mothers and cheerleaders for their husband’s career. Women put their needs on the back burner for the sake of the marriage. Today women want their needs met.

Women Loose Their Identity: Some wives spend so much time focused on raising children helping their husband further his career and putting their needs last that they lose sight of who they are and what they want out of life. It is not unusual for a woman to hit middle age and go into a midlife crisis. She will begin to question the life she has led and wonder, “Is that all there is?” She may file for a divorce in order to explore life on her own in the hope of finding out who she is and what she wants out of life.

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