The Money Test

Here are six areas to consider as a test the financial compatibility of a man and woman:

Talk money without arguing. The couple can openly discuss finances without arguing and blaming each other.

Not controlled. One partner does not control the other when it comes to finances.

A good look at the other’s credit report. Sharing a credit history is a huge sign of financial trust in a relationship. It’s unavoidable, when buying or even renting a home together, and a good place to get equal footing.

Paying the bills on time. Prompt payment of bills is a sign of financial maturity.

No fears about the future. It takes time to really get to know how another person views the future, particularly money management through the years. How two people management money often determines the success or failure of the relationship.

Handle the worst. Knowing how a person handles a financial crisis says a lot about that person.

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