Doing Research for Your Divorce Case

Before you implement your strategies and tactics, knowledge of the law and proceedings is necessary. Although the law appears to be quite simple, it is really quite complex. This is due to the numerous areas of law, which are integrated into one another. For example, juvenile law, which is also known as the Welfare and Institutions Code, overrides Family Law. Law at the federal level does not always have precedence over state law. Federal law may be used only to strengthen an argument with case law in the state in numerous circumstances.

We recommend that you spend some time in your local law library. There are number of reference books that may assist you in your case. We also advise to use divorce resource books as a means to evaluate the performance and intelligence of your attorney. Some of the more useful volumes to use include the “Rutter Group.” These reference guides are very extensive and can be seven volumes thick. Attorneys use these guides to research your case. They are easy to read and provide assistance and understanding to your particular state laws and rulings.

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