Stopping the Payment of Alimony

If you have an alimony order in place, the only way to not pay legally, would be to have the alimony order modified.

Modifying alimony is not normal. Alimony is typically set in stone until certain circumstances occur (remarriage, death, etc.). These circumstances should be clearly stated in your divorce decree or judgment. Alimony is typically awarded based on the property distribution, so modifying the alimony would mean that the property award is no longer fair.

If you do stop paying the alimony, you are subjecting yourself to being taken back to court, paying arrearages and potentially other severe penalties.

If your income has significantly decreased for a significant period of time, it may be worth trying to get the court to recognized that the current alimony order is not fair, but be prepared to provide evidence that payment of the order is not feasible.

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