First Steps of Your Divorce

Once you find out you or your spouse is going to file for a divorce there are a few highly recommended things you take care of as soon as possible.

Any joint bank accounts or joint credit cards should be closed. You obviously need to take into consideration your future need for funds, but do your best to close or cease activity on these accounts. Many divorcing spouses make the mistake of not doing this, only to find out a few months later that their soon-to-be-ex has accumulated a ton of debt in their name or has liquidated a savings account.

You want to consider contacting a divorce lawyer in your area as soon as possible. If it is going to be a very amicable divorce, you certainly may want to do your own divorce, but unless you are comfortable about what your are about to experience, the knowledge and expertise of a divorce lawyer could be very beneficial.

If you have children, you want to devise a plan on how you are going to tell them about the divorce. You also want to make sure you notify any teachers, baby-sitters, etc., so they can help monitor their behavior during what can be a very tough time.

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