Unrealistic Expectations of Parents Getting Back Together

Unrealistic expectations of you and the other parent getting back together must be straightened out with a very matter of fact conversation. You should get right to the point, without any hesitation, because if your child continues to have these types of expectations you will be causing him or her more emotional trauma going forward.

Children with these type of expectations are some what living in denial and when reality hits home, a parent can begin to see the real effects a divorce and/or separation. If your child seems to be taking the divorce and/or separation very lightly, then more than likely he or she is holding onto these unrealistic expectations.

Unrealistic expectations of other things besides the parental relationship can be just as harmful, so you must be on the look out at all times. Your child may be under the impression that you will never date again or that he or she does not have to change schools etc.

Tips and Strategies for the Unrealistic Expectation:

- Be careful how you use the word “maybe”. Of course anything can happen, but you have to be candid about the possibilities.

- When you spoil the unrealistic expectations, as always, reinforce the love you and the other parent have for your child.

- Stay away from deep conversation or explanation of why things are the way they are. You will end up confusing the child or giving them the opportunity to be more judgmental.

- Reinforce that certain things are meant to be and that moving on is going to make things better.

- Make the other parent aware of any unrealistic expectations you discover and/or have addressed.

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