From Separation to Divorce

During the separation period, that time prior to the divorce, there are several do’s and dont’s that are highly recommended by most divorce lawyers. Of course each case is unique, but in most situations you are better safe than sorry.

First. Make sure all joint bank and credit card accounts have been closed or frozen. This will prevent you or your spouse from dissipating marital assets. The court does not look fondly upon this action, and will certainly penalize the spouse that does so.

Second. Try to secure your own means of financial support. If you need to rely on friends or family until the divorce is final then do so.

Third. Do not date or live with your boy or girlfriend. This could easily hurt your case, especially if your are involved in a custody battle or are being accused of adultery or abandonment.

Fourth. If you have hired a divorce lawyer, make sure you tell him or her everything. Leaving things out, will ultimately end up being a surprise in court which your lawyer will not be prepared for.

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