Imputing income for Support

If you or your spouse are not employed, the court will often impute income to determine what support amount should be paid. Imputing income is no more that coming up with a monthly income amount that the court feels the parent is capable of earning.

The court will typically look to the past three years of pay stubs or W-2s to try to average an amount. The court will also take into consideration the current job market as well as any non-repetitive bonuses or lump sum payments made by employers in the past.

The bottom line is that in cases where income must be imputed, the likely hood of the support obligation actually being paid is very slim. Even though an amount is imputed, does not mean the money is there to provide the support. The efforts made by the court are in hopes the obligated spouse will gain employment in the near future and recognize his or her financial obligation to the children.

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