Asking the Family Court Clerks for Help

We hear many stories of divorcing spouses, especially pro se filers, getting discouraged when they ask a question at the county courthouse and the clerk or the clerk’s assistance reply, “sorry, but we can not give out legal advice”. Yes, many of the questions asked do not require any sort of advice at all, but for liability reasons the clerk and assistants are instructed to provide limited help, if any at all.

If you have a question regarding your divorce and the process, we suggest asking them to point you in the right direction. In doing so, you are not actually asking them for an answer, but rather asking them where you may be able to go to research the answer.

Also, keep in mind that the county courthouse has a legal library which is open to the public. This library may contain sample divorce documents, filing instructions, or explanations. A library assistant on staff may become your best friend.

As a reminder, you never want to express anger or argue with the clerk. He or she will be facilitating your divorce from start to finish, so this would not be a relationship you want to sever.

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