Shopping for a Divorce Lawyer?

When shopping around for a divorce lawyer, what qualities are most important to look for? This is often a highly charged question with surprisingly little answers. Word of mouth would seem like a good way to go; however, what one person feels is a great quality, another might not.

All local bar associations offer lawyer referral services. It is best to check with your local bar association to find a lawyer in your area and see if they have a free consultation. If so, you may find that you clique right away or would not even stand another minute in their presence. Sometimes you may have to meet with a few lawyers to find the right one for you. But remember, hiring a divorce lawyer that will work for you and not just for the money they make is the reward.

Find a lawyer who will listen to you as well as have suggestions; but one that does not over-power your comments. A lawyer who is too aggressive may also be that way in a courtroom and a judge may not care for that personality type. After all, you will have to live with the final outcome regarding your divorce Ad Vitam Aeternam (for all time). Be prepared and be diligent.

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