Legal Fees, necessary or not?

Legal fees can be a necessary expense when contemplating divorce. However, how do you know if you are paying your lawyer too much and if they are doing what they claim to be doing for you?

Remember, every telephone call, letter, pleading (filing with the court), court appearance, research and even email is being charged to you. Divorce, custody and support cases can be very expensive for the parties involved. It is best if husband and wife can attempt to be civil and try to negotiate the details of division of property, custody, visitation, etc., before taking this to the lawyer.

Getting along, the best you can, will save both parties money in the long run. That is not to say a lawyer is necessary in all cases or that no one should get a lawyer, only you know if you need a lawyer or not. However, getting divorced is emotional enough without having money issues piled on top.

Trying to work together to end a marriage will be the easiest way to save money throughout the divorce. Hiring lawyers to “fight it out” will only cost you what little your “marital estate” may be worth. It is best if you both can negotiate rather than allowing the court to decide who should get what.

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